Rainfast are expert installers of structural waterproofing and protection systems

We have solutions for a multitude of applications from flat roofs, pitched roofs, pitched and asbestos, to concrete protection and underground waterproofing.

We have a dedicated, experienced team of installers that can provide the ultimate to solutions to your waterproofing and protection requirements.

We have taken great care to understand fully all of the many technical and performance characteristics of our products, so we can deliver our services to the robust standards that our customers rightfully expect.

Our team of installers are second to none and have many years of experience in delivering the highest quality service, getting the job done with speed, yet with care and minimum disruption to our customer’s operations, again this is an area we are regularly positively reviewed.

Ultimately, we want to deliver an exceptional end result, and with our solutions and expert installation, you can be sure that the critical areas of your infrastructure are completely sealed, waterproof and ready for traffic. We deliver for the long-term, with products that are equally up to the task.

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